Maya Wrap Ring Sling

This is a life saver for baby #2. There are so many things I didn’t use with my first

daughter (4 years old) that I couldn’t live without with my second daughter (8 months

old). First, most importantly make sure you measure correctly before purchasing

because that can make all the difference when wearing this wrap properly. Other than

that, this is an easy wrap to use. Youre not wrapping yourself up like a mummy or

snapping a million buckles. You simply place the baby in the sling and pull to tighten

(refer to youtube for exact instructions like I did. First time can be tricky but its actually

quite simple). Ive been “baby wearing” since my daughter was 2 months old. I think the

biggest plus for me is that I’m able to do things with my older daughter and not have to

worry about having to “hold” the baby or rock a stroller back and forth for her to nap.

This is a great investment especially if its baby #2 or #3. I actually purchased mine used

which is a great money saving option!

Maya Wrap Ring Sling


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